Effective 7/31/2016, S-Con will only offer fabrication and design drafting services. If you have any questions, please contact Green Smith at 979-822-4445

Safety EMR Rating

S-CON’s Experience Modifier Rate (EMR) has again dropped from 0.73 to 0.67. The EMR is a measurement providing a rolling three year look back on a Company’s Injury Claim Rate. The lower the EMR, the less claims in actual dollars the insurance company had to spend to cover medical expenses on an employee. S-Con’s rating for the current year is 0.67 and is 0.15 below the industrial average of 0.82. S-Con is proud of its Safety Record and is obligated to its Employees, Clients and the General Public to keep each and every job-site safe. S-Con will continue to train employees on Safe Behaviors in the field as well as in the shop.