Collaboration Shortens Project Schedules

In the design of any new gas plant fabrication or facility, it is crucial to recognize the importance of the relationship between the design and the final construction. Both processes must work together and be viewed as a fully-integrated system in order to achieve a final successful outcome. In a broad sense, design involves the creation of a description of the new facility and typically incorporates the use of detailed specifications and plans. The construction planning process identifies all resources and activities that are necessary in order for the new design to become a physical reality.
In both construction and design, a number of operational tasks must be carried out with a range of precedence. When both shop fabrication and field construction work together in a harmonious relationship, it is possible to shorten project schedules and remain on budget.  This is made possible by keeping elements that are unique to the planning of constructed gas treating facilities in mind during the early stage of a project life cycle. For instance, the design as well as the construction of the facility should meet the conditions unique to the specific site. The collaboration of shop fabrication and field construction early-on and throughout a project design can produce long-lasting benefits.