S-Con Construction Progresses on 120 MMSCFD Refrigerated J-T Plant

S-Con continues to make great progress in its Construction effort to install the 120 MMSCFD Refrigerated J-T Plant. Both S-Con’s Shop Facility and Field Construction crews continue to work diligently to produce and install the Client supplied Balance of Plant design within a very tight completion schedule. S-Con has over 50 people at its Shop Facility dedicated to this one project and over 200 people (S-Con and its subcontractors) at the Construction site. The twenty (20)S-Con Process Skids were shipped from S-Con’s Bryan, Texas Facility over a period of five (5) weeks and have all been set in place, along with numerous pieces of S-Con and Client supplied “ship loose” equipment. When completed, the plant is expected to process up to 120 MMSCFD of inlet gas and recover upwards of 90% of the contained propane.

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