S-Con Engineer Attends BR&E ProMax Training in Tulsa

During the first week of December, S-Con Sales Engineer Marta Mattioli attended ProMax Training for Level 2 Gas Processing. The training built on the tools learned in the Level 1 Training and covered several areas from simple JT Refrigeration to Fractionation Plants. With the assistance of BR&E (, Marta was trained on the different components of the simulation software. For example, in the exercise for simulating different variations of the Turboexpander Plant, solver applications were used to control the conditions for the heat exchangers. One important reason to control these conditions is to ensure effective approach temperatures are within the exchanger’s capabilities.

Another important aspect covered in the training was understanding the simulation software and the limits of the software. The software does not take into account the time required for starting up heat exchangers. Therefore, one must be aware of and understand the effects of the rate of heating and cooling during the start-up period. Another aspect stressed in the course was the quality of the data used in the simulation. If the data one is using is not accurate neither will the results of the simulation. It is extremely important to always check the results and not rely solely on the simulation software.

As a new engineer straight out of school the training was a great opportunity for Marta to get familiar with the current technology used in the energy industry. The training was especially helpful regarding rules of thumb for pressure drops in equipment and the pros and cons of different processes, such as the GSP vs the RSV processes for Cryogenic Plants. The training was a great way for Marta to enhance her engineering knowledge to better be able assist our customers.