Bakken Flaring Alternatives and Gas Capture 2014

The Bakken Flaring Alternatives and Gas Capture conference was recently attended by S-Con in Denver. The conference was composed of a variety of producers and vendors detailing various ways to reduce or eliminate the flaring of associated gas in North Dakota. The majority of the methods entailed the mechanical refrigeration method of removing NGLs with the remaining natural gas flared. One vendor added a Deethanizer to provide fuel for a generator to power their unit but still sent the remaining natural gas to flare. Only one, in addition to S-Con’s SUPERCOOLTM Process allowed for the total elimination of flaring and that process involved the conversion of the associated gas into anhydrous ammonia. S-Con’s SUPERCOOLTM Process allows for the elimination of all flaring resulting in highly valued LNG and NGL hydrocarbon products. Please see the Flare Gas Recovery / SUPERCOOLTM page for further details on this superior process.