Wyoming 120 MMSCFD Natural Gas Treating and Processing Facility Start-Up

S-Con personnel successfully completed a three-week trip to Wyoming where they assisted their client with the start-up of a 120 MMSCFD Natural Gas Treating and Processing facility. Despite facing several adverse situations, the S-Con plant met or exceeded all expectations. Once the inlet gas into the plant meets the design volumes and pressures, S-Con will return to the site and aid in final tuning of the plant under full-load conditions. During the team’s time there, Don Deppe and Trey Brown assisted in the tuning of the Hot Oil System, Amine Treating System, and J-T Cryo Plant and Refrigeration System. The Hot Oil and Amine Systems successfully ran under full-load conditions and achieved all operating and design requirements. The client was able to witness the regeneration of the Mol Sieves and, while the plant load was not what was desired, the Refrigeration System was put into operation by implementing an arrangement alternative to the originally design.

Overall, S-Con accomplished its assistance to the client with the new operating conditions, tuning instrumentation and system operation, and on-site, personal operator training. Working with the client’s own highly capable, “Training Squad,” the new Plant Operators quickly adapted into their new jobs and gained a greater understanding of the plant and its operation.