How S-Con Does More with Less

With the downturn in oil & gas prices and capital budgets being cut back dramatically, S-Con’s Customers are becoming increasingly focused on potential project economics and costs. To that end, many of our Clients are relying on S-Con to perform screening studies, preliminary/conceptual designs, and budgetary estimates prior to approaching their Management with a funding request. By approaching projects in this manner, S-Con is able to work with the Client to develop a plan that will deliver what is required, while developing a cost basis that can be believed. Additionally, it provides both the Client and S-Con the ability to hit the ground running should the project move forward.

Depending on the breadth and scope of the work to be performed in this process, S-Con can quickly provide meaningful information back to the Customer in as little as three (3) days. S-Con’s team of highly skilled Engineers and Designers work together with the Client to develop concepts and layouts that will meet the specific project requirements, with a careful eye on the overall project cost expectations. This close working relationship between S-Con and its Clients typically results in very few surprises and allows the Customer to approach its Management, confident that the job can be done right and within the stated budget.