S-CON awarded Refrigerated Dewpoint Control Plant modification project

S-Con was recently awarded a project to modify an existing Refrigerated Dewpoint Control Plant with Condensate Stabilization. The Plant Design is being modified to allow processing of 5.8 GPM gas, instead of the 2 GPM Inlet Gas the Plant was originally designed for. Additionally, the original Condensate Stabilization system is being modified to now produce a 200 psig NGL Product that can be sold over truck racks. The Customer has tasked S-Con to reengineer and modify the existing Plant to meet these new operating conditions. Plant modifications include: 1) Inlet Slug Catching; 2) Filtering and conditioning of Slug Liquids; 3) Additional Vapor/Liquid separation capacity; 4) Compression of Stabilizer O/H vapors to the Residue Gas stream; 5) NGL Product Filtering and Storage; and 6) Truck Loading Facilities.

S-Con is designing and fabricating four (4) process skids to be installed as part of the plant modification effort. S-Con Construction moved into the field on June 15, 2015 and is already well into performance of necessary demolition work and site preparation. The Customer has asked for a very aggressive schedule, with a targeted re-commissioning date of October 1, 2015.