2016 S-Con Inc. EMR: 0.76

EMR, experience modifier rate, is a three year history of claims paid by an insurance company over a three year period. The less payout of claims by insurance companies translates to a lower EMR. S-Con’s current, 2016 EMR is 0.76.

Generally Speaking:

  • Excellent: 0.40 –0.75
  • Good: 0.76 –1.00
  • Average to At Risk: 1.01 –1.25
  • At Risk to Adverse Projections: 1.26 –2.00

S-Con Inc.’s 2017 EMR Goal is 0.65 or lower.

The majority of S-Con Inc.’s work is in the midstream natural gas industry. This is the link between the exploration and production of natural gas and the delivery of its components to end-use markets. The midstream industry consists of natural gas gathering, compression, treating, processing, storage, and transportation. The midstream industry is generally characterized by regional competition based on the proximity of gathering systems and processing plants to natural gas producing wells and the proximity of storage facilities to production areas and end-use markets.

S-Con is committed to safety for employees, clients and the general public through training, supervising, and monitoring all employees and sub-contractors on safe behaviors in the field as well as in all shop facilities.