S-Con Incorporated has over 10,000-square feet of office, over 75,000-square feet of shop & fabrication buildings, 9-acres of packed graveled yard and an additional 7-acre lay down yard – both located in Bryan, Texas.  These facilities include the following buildings and construction equipment:

Shop Facilities

Office – Corporate 5,125 Material Staging Warehouse 3,800
Office – Projects (Engineers, Drafting, etc.) 7,400 Project Staging Warehouse 3,130
Office – Shipping and Receiving 640 Material Warehouse *3,200
Office – Document Storage 1,600 Electrical Shop and Warehouse 6,250
Automation and Panel Shop with Office 1,280
Pipe and Vessel Fab Shop with Office 8,320 Storage, Covered – open-air 1,880
Two-each, 5-Ton Overhead Cranes Maintenance, Service and Repair Shop 1,800
(Old) Paint and Sandblast Shop 2,400
Structural Fab Shop with Office 10,400 (New) Paint and Shot-blast Shop *32,000
Two-each,10-Ton Overhead Cranes Assembly Slab – Covered, open air 3,200
Assembly Slab – open air 4,000
Assembly Shop with Offices 15,200 Wash-Down Slab – open air 900
Two-each, 20-Ton Overhead Cranes
Buildings, Total: 104,425
Facilities, Total: 112,525

* Buildings located off-site, but close to main facilities.

Yard Equipment: 
60-ton Mobile Crane 15-ton Carry Deck
35-ton Mobile Crane 8.5-ton Carry Deck
30-ton Mobile Crane 18-ton Forklift
20-ton Mobile Crane 5-ton Forklift
80-ton Rough Terrain Crane 10-ton Telehandler
60-Ton Rough Terrain Crane 45′ Telescopic Manlift

Paint Facility

The first stop through this state-of-the-art facility is the 30’x80’x20′ blast booth. It includes an H-screw conveyor system with elevator, hopper, and dual pressure pots. 2,000 gallons of reserve capacity, compressed air is available via the 200HP Atlas Copco Compressors. The recyclable steel grit has a working mix of 60-80 in order to achieve the desired angular profile for the best adhesion.

The process then continues into the larger 30’x80’20’ side downdraft paint booth or the smaller 20’x40’x18 cross draft paint booth. Customarily, an epoxy primer with acrylic polyurethane top coat is applied. For superior adhesion and durability, this is an excellent paint system. We can also accommodate your custom requirements.


Our team of blasters are protected with NOVA 2000 respirator hoods, Radex carbon monoxide monitors, Jenessco MAX Pro Suits, steel toe boots, and leather sleeves.