Effective 7/31/2016, S-Con will only offer fabrication and design drafting services. If you have any questions, please contact Green Smith at 979-822-4445

New Inventory

60-gpm Amine Regeneration Plant, including:

  • Amine Flash Tank Skid
  • Amine Regenerator Skid
    • Plate-in-Frame heat exchanger
    • Full flow Amine Cartridge Filters; both Pre and After filters
    • Full-flow Carbon Filter
    • 2 x 100% Amine Booster Pumps
    • 2 x 100% Amine Reflux Pumps
    • Amine Reflux Accumulator
    • Amine Still Column
    • Lean Amine Cooler / Amine Still Reflux Condenser; air cooled exchanger
  • Amine Reboiler Skid
    • Dual firetube design with integral surge capacity
    • Burner BMS system
  • Amine Circulation Pump Skid
    • 2 x 100% capacity REDA-type pumps

Call a S-Con representative today at (979) 822-4445 for more information on these plants and other available inventory.