Used Inventory

100 MMSCFD, GSP-type Cryogenic Gas Plant, designed for 6 GPM gas and including:

  • Brand new Brazed Aluminum Heat Exchangers
    • Inlet Gas exchange against Bottom Reboiler/Side Reboiler Combination
    • Inlet Gas/Reflux Condenser Combination heat exchange against Residue Gas
  • Trim Reboiler for Deethanizer operation
    • Designed to use Hot Oil as heat medium
  • Inlet Gas Chiller
  • Turbo-Expander Skid
    • Post-Boost Compressor design
    • Lube Oil System
  • 54”ID Cold Separator, integral to bottom of 66”x54”ID Demethanizer
  • Propane Refrigerant Condensers; air cooled exchangers
  • Booster Compressor/Lube Oil/NGL Product Cooler; air cooled exchanger
  • Three (3)NGL Booster/Pipeline Pumps; vertical can type
  • More than 80% of original plant interconnect piping, all piece marked and ready for reassembly using available piping drawings

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