Shop Facilities

S-Con Incorporated has over 10,000-square feet of office, over 75,000-square feet of shop & fabrication buildings, 9-acres of packed graveled yard and an additional 7-acre lay down yard – both located in Bryan, Texas.  These facilities include the following buildings and construction equipment:

S-Con Corporate Headquarters in Bryan, Texas

Office – Corporate 5,125 Material Staging Warehouse 3,800
Office – Projects (Engineers, Drafting, etc.) 7,400 Project Staging Warehouse 3,130
Office – Shipping and Receiving 640 Material Warehouse *3,200
Office – Document Storage 1,600 Electrical Shop and Warehouse 6,250
Automation and Panel Shop with Office 1,280
Pipe and Vessel Fab Shop with Office 8,320 Storage, Covered – open-air 1,880
Two-each, 5-Ton Overhead Cranes Maintenance, Service and Repair Shop 1,800
(Old) Paint and Sandblast Shop 2,400
Structural Fab Shop with Office 10,400 (New) Paint and Shot-blast Shop *32,000
Two-each,10-Ton Overhead Cranes Assembly Slab – Covered, open air 3,200
Assembly Slab – open air 4,000
Assembly Shop with Offices 15,200 Wash-Down Slab – open air 900
Two-each, 20-Ton Overhead Cranes
Buildings, Total: 104,425
Facilities, Total: 112,525

* Buildings located off-site, but close to main facilities.

Yard Equipment: 
60-ton Mobile Crane 15-ton Carry Deck
35-ton Mobile Crane 8.5-ton Carry Deck
30-ton Mobile Crane 5-ton Forklift
20-ton Mobile Crane