Effective 7/31/2016, S-Con will only offer fabrication and design drafting services. If you have any questions, please contact Green Smith at 979-822-4445

S-Con Construction Progresses on 120 MMSCFD Refrigerated J-T Plant

S-Con continues to make great progress in its Construction effort to install the 120 MMSCFD Refrigerated J-T Plant. Both S-Con’s Shop Facility and Field Construction crews continue to work diligently to produce and install the Client supplied Balance of Plant design within a very tight completion schedule. S-Con has over 50 people at its Shop Facility dedicated to this one…

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S-Con completes 120 MMSCFD refrigerated J-T Plant

S-Con completed all of the process skids for the 120 MMSCFD refrigerated J-T Plant this week, and began its shipment to Wyoming. See pictures of the completed product below:

S-Con awarded construction/installation of the 120 MMSCFD refrigerated J-T Plant

On March 24, 2014, S-Con was awarded the Construction/Installation of the 120 MMSCFD refrigerated J-T Plant currently being fabricated in S-Con’s Shop in Bryan, Texas.  The Process Plant, consisting of twenty (20) Skids/Modules and various other equipment supplied by the Owner, is to be installed at a Wyoming location, with essentially all Process Equipment installed inside Process Buildings.  To ensure…

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S-Con’s SUPERCOOL Process Presented at Conference

S-Con’s Trey Brown attended the Bakken/Three Forks Shale Oil Innovation Conference in Grand Forks, ND from February 10-12, where he presented the SUPERCOOL Process as a new and cost effective means of capturing flared gas into salable liquid hydrocarbon products (NGL and LNG) and eliminating emissions into the atmosphere. The presentation was warmly received with numerous questions being asked on…

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S-Con’s Trey Brown to present new SUPERCOOL technology at conference

S-Con’s Trey Brown and Rick Crooker will be attending the Bakken/Three Forks Oil Innovation Conference & Expo, to be held in Grand Forks, North Dakota February 10-12.  Mr. Brown will be presenting on S-Con’s new SUPERCOOL technology and how it may be used to eliminate flaring of associated gas and, instead, recover 100% of the NGL’s and provide a LNG…

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S-Con Design and Fabrication of Custom 120 MMSCFD Processing Plant

Work continues to progress on the detailed design and fabrication of a custom, 120 MMSCFD Refrigerated J-T Plant.  The Plant, when completed, will consist of more than 20 process skids and include a 200-gpm Amine Plant, 3-bed Mol Sieve Plant, the Refrigerated J-T Plant with a De-methanizer/De-ethanizer, the Refrigeration System (using Propylene Refrigerant) and a Hot Oil System to supply…

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S-Con Inc.: Dedicated to the Natural Gas Processing Industry

From US Business Executive: S-Con Inc. (S-Con), based in Bryan, Texas, is a full-service engineering, procurement, fabrication and construction company. Green Smith, having spent almost 20 years prior in the industry, founded S-Con in 1990 to target the natural gas treating and processing industry. Trey Brown, current vice president of engineering and construction at S-Con, explains the company has evolved…

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New, patent-pending SUPERCOOL process

S-Con’s W.G. “Trey” Brown introduced the new patent-pending SUPERCOOL process to the Oil & Gas Industry at the annual Gas Processors Association (GPA) Convention in San Antonio, Texas. While S-Con has been discussing the SUPERCOOL technology with various Producers and Midstream companies since its beginning in June of 2012, this presentation was the first time SUPERCOOL had been presented to…

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New Maintenance, Service and Repair Building

S-CON has announced plans for the addition of a separate building to consolidate the maintenance of the considerable equipment inventory utilized by both the Bryan fabrication facility and off-site construction crews. This building will help insure all equipment is serviced and maintained in a timely manner to eliminate unexpected down-times.

New Corporate Office

S-CON is well underway in the construction of a new, corporate office building located at the Bryan, Texas facilities. This new building will house upper management and accounting, leaving the original, three-year old Corporate building available for Engineering, Drafting and Procurement Projects teams.