Fuel Gas Conditioning

Fuel Gas Conditioning Skid

Our JT Plants are used to condition rich natural gas for use as fuel in Natural Gas Driven Compressors and Generators and for burner systems on direct fired units such as Glycol Reboilers, Amine Reboilers and Heater Treaters. S-Con’s JT Fuel Gas Conditioning units are designed to take high pressure, high BTU/FT^3 gas and produce a fuel that has a considerably lower Btu/ft³. It would be delivered at approximately 110 PSIG. The plants are designed to handle .5 MMSCFD to 3 MMSCFD and achieve cuts of 100 to 250 Btu/ft³, depending on the conditions of the inlet stream. The cold end of the plant is rated to -100°F which allows us to handle lower temperatures that drop out more liquids. S-Con, Inc’s JT Skids are 100% pneumatically operated to allow for unattended installations, but we can provide options for electronic controls.

  • All piping is built to B31.3 piping standards
  • All MTR’s for piping materials are provided with the job books
  • Units are designed with an MAWP of 1420 PSIG @ 150 F
  • X-RAY is 100% on all butt welds