LACT Units

S-Con’s Lease Automatic Custody Transfer (LACT) units demonstrate our superior engineering, manufacturing, instrumentation, and automation capabilities.

With standard 3″ designs available, S-Con’s LACT units include:

  • Suction strainer
  • LACT pumps
  • Air eliminators
  • BS&W probe
  • Coriolis meter
  • Double block & bleed valve
  • Back pressure control valve
  • Environmental containment box

scon-lact-unitIn some circumstances, a three-way divert valve may be needed, so S-Con includes a break-out spool in case of that event.

To meet classification requirements, S-Con provides an off-skid control panel for the LACT unit to be field installed in a non-classified area.

If you need your own concept implemented, S-Con’s engineering and design team will work directly with you to fit your requirements.