Effective 7/31/2016, S-Con will only offer fabrication and design drafting services. If you have any questions, please contact Green Smith at 979-822-4445

Fractionation Plants

S-Con has the ability to design and fabricate complete Fractionation systems, ranging in size from 2000 bbl/day to 40,000 bbl/day and meeting all individual product specifications.

Fractionation Plants are typically used to fractionate “Y-Grade” NGL liquids into individual product streams, such as:

  1. Purity Ethane
  2. Ethane/Propane Mix
  3. HD-5 Propane
  4. Butane/Propane Mix
  5. Mixed Butane
  6. Iso-Butane and Normal-Butane
  7. Natural Gasoline.

Any, or all, of these products can be generated within a single fractionation plant, with each product produced to meet the specific requirements necessary for downstream use.