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Mechanical Refrigeration/Dewpoint Control Plant

The advantage of a Dewpoint Control Plants is that outlet pressure is equal to inlet pressure, which lessens the pressure drop through the plant. This advantage reduces the need for residue gas compression. The hydrocarbon dewpoint of the natural gas is controlled via cross heat exchange and mechanical refrigeration (typically propane). NGL recovery levels are generally much lower than either the Expander or J-T Plants and are typically utilized only to make a salable gas product.


Project Category : New Gas Processing

Project Type : Natural Gas Liquids Recovery Plant

Service Provided : EPC

Location : Oklahoma

Size : 315 MMSCFD

Duration(Weeks) : 32



mechanical refrigeration plant

mechanical refrigeration plant

Project Category : Gas Processing

Project Type : Mechanical Refrigeration Plant

Service Provided : EPC

Location : Wyoming

Size : 120 MMSCFD

Duration(Weeks) : 44